The Leyton Foundation

Helping students to make positive choices

Founders' Letter

This foundation was established in order so that funds raised can be collected and then disbursed for the direct benefit of helping deserving youths in the greater North Orange County Community. One of our biggest goals of the Leyton Foundation is for complete transparency and direct assistance to these young individuals. In this, we create an opportunity to have a positive impact on them that is both immediate and measurable.

In working with local high schools and middle schools, we identify students who are qualified and deserving but who are in of need financial assistance. With an emphasis on higher education, whether it be collegiate, vocational or trade school pursuits, the Leyton Foundation will make awards available to students between seventh and twelfth grades for a variety of opportunities. Students can also apply for ‘scholarships’ for a variety of areas including fine arts, musical training, athletics, science, and math programs.

The Leyton Foundation will initially reach out to 'former' members of the Brea Boys and Girls Club. Unfortunately, it has been over two years since many of these members received the services that were previously provided to them. We want to reach out to these young men and women first. We want to help them stay involved in positive choices and programs.

We invite you to become a part of the Foundation and we look forward to your participation in providing the financial support we need in order to help the youth from our communities to prosper in decades to come!


Nadine Leyton & Family